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24th October 2016

Welcome to our website!

Everyone, including ourselves, know how difficult it is to lose weight & keep the weight off. How frustrated you get following diet plans and buying expensive ingredients to make up the recipes, only to lose a few pounds & then put them back on again.

We are bringing you something completely different!

Inspired by our travels and work in Thailand we are bringing you a new way to lose weight, and feel great! 

We will not ask you to spend loads of money on food – in fact we will probably significantly reduce your shopping bills!

We will show you how to cook great, fresh food that is easy to prepare.

We will inspire you to Chaynge™ the way that you feel about food, in fact to completely Chaynge™ the way you think about food!

The principle of what we do is to show you how to eat properly, without having to stick to diets that are unsustainable in the medium or long term. How to not deny yourself food, or feel that you are cheating by eating something, but how to eat nearly all the foods you currently enjoy, and still lose weight.

And most of all we will offer you a very personal service – we actively encourage you to contact us & discuss problems & ideas which we can then share with other members. 

We hope that you will join us on a journey of discovery that will make you happier & healthier.

Everyone can benefit from what we show you – no matter what size or shape you are!

So welcome to our little corner of the web – Stuart & Amanda 

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