You can find all of our healthy and tasty recipes here. 

Everything from Smoothies, Drinks and Breakfast through Lunch and Dinner menus, as well as some tasty Snack Recipes. 

We will enable you to Chaynge™ your life, Lose Weight and Feel great.

Our Recipes Save You Money

We have recipes for the whole family. You can save money on your weekly shopping by following our great tasting recipes, so eating healthily and losing weight does not have to cost you the earth!

Many of the traditional diet plans you may have followed you end up spending loads of money on ingredients and supplements. We do not do this.

Our philosophy is to create menus and ideas that are easy to follow. Designed to use products you would normally because we know you don’t need to be spending money on unnecessary ingredients! 

We will even show you how you can save money cooking for the whole family! While other plans may involve you cooking for yourself, we have recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

All our recipes try to bring you authentic flavours using natural, fresh ingredients which you can easily purchase, therefore they are always easy to prepare.

Hints & Tricks

There are loads of hints and tricks to make your favourite recipes healthier, so you can still enjoy the foods you love to eat.

Asian and Thai Recipes

We have a large selection of Asian & Thai Recipes that have been inspired by our visit and work in Thailand. We have tried to make these as authentic as possible.

You will love the delicious flavours we bring you! 

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