About Us

About Us

We are Stuart & Amanda. We absolutely love our food!

However, like most people we have tried almost every diet plan without any long term success.

Through both our personal & business lives we have been fortunate to visit Thailand & other parts of Asia and most of Europe.

We became fascinated with how other cultures & countries ate, and the way they treated food & food ingredients.

I have always enjoyed food and developing new ideas, and am fortunate to be someone who can just look at an ingredient & come up with ideas.

We have been inspired by our experience & ideas to help others to Chaynge™ their relationships with food. As a result we are now bringing you some great recipes & ideas that will inspire people to cook using fresh ingredients.

Since we don’t believe that you have to spend a fortune to follow a successful diet, we will also show you how you can save money, lose weight, feel great. And most of all cook great tasting food!

We hope we inspire you to join us!

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